Rice Cooker with Starch Separator

When we cook rice in the traditional way, we discard the additional starch from prepared rice. As we remove the excess sugar from the rice, it reduces the nutritional value of the rice, but it is good for the body. Now, the modern rice cookers available in the market do not have any system to remove excess sugar. Although it increases the nutritional value of food, excess sugar is harmful to the body; especially it is the primary cause of various complex diseases including diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. So now there is a need for a rice cooker with starch separator.

Necessity for buying Rice Cooker with starch separator

Rice contains 28.7% of starch or carbohydrate in cooked form but there are more than 50% carbohydrate exists in uncooked form. During the cooking process the starch breaks into sugar form and mixes with rice water. This water is discarded while cooking rice in the traditional way but in conventional rice cooker there is no system to put out the water. This carbohydrate is rich in RDS (Rapidly Digested Starch) which has the capacity to increase the blood sugar level very fast. This leads to various diseases like Hypoglycemia, Heart & Obesity Diseases or Diabetes. So, to avoid these diseases all nutritionists recommended to take low-glycemic carbohydrates. Not only that but also the rice lasts long without having stale.

So, it is the demand of time to select starch removing rice cooker that have functionality to cut sugar from rice. It will help you to be lighter and less bloated.

Detail features of Rice cookers by our experts

We hope the above short discussion is more enough to take decision to buy a rice cooker that can remove starch from rice. But the question is which one should I buy? Depending on the type of rice cooker, all rice cookers remove more or less 25 to 35 percent starch .To get the answer we shall now look forward to some rice cookers that already we mentioned above and now we shall see in details.

Best rice cooker for starch separator – Aroma Smart Carb Digital Rice Cooker – ARC-1120SBL

Aroma Smart Carb Digital Rice Cooker

Brand: Aroma

Model: ARC-1120SBL

Key Features:

  • 25% starch removing capacity
  • Stainless steel inner pot for carb reducing
  • Non-stick inner pot
  • Stainless steel body
  • One touch operation with 8 preset functions
  • 6 cups uncooked or 12 cups (cooked) rice cooker
  • Weight 6.98 lbs
  • Dimensions – 10.5 x 10.25 x 9.75 inches

Aroma Smart Carb Digital Rice Cooker – ARC-1120SBL is very popular and 75% satisfied customers gave their 5 star rating. It reduces 30% carbs and 25% carbohydrate. The texture quality is very good. You can use it as both rice cooker and multi-cooker. You will get 8 preset functions for soup, steam, fish, meat, vegetables, grains and many more dishes. Delay timer function works up to 15 hours, that also a time saving feature of cooking. You will have nonstick removable inner pot, and carb reducing pot including rice measuring cup, serving spatula, and soup ladle with this rice cooker

Customer Review:

Customer Review of Rice Cooker with Starch Separator - Aroma - ARC-1120SBL

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
  • A perfect healthy product.
  • Affordable and very good in quality.
  • Comparatively cheap rice cooker than others
  • The rice of top portion becomes very soft which you need to serve very quickly, otherwise it will spoil quickly.

Somewhat expensive – THANKO Carbohydrate Cut Rice Cooker


Brand: Thanko


Key Features:

  • 6 cup (cooked) rice cooker or 6 person (max)
  • Weight 15.83 lbs
  • Dimensions – 16.93 x 15.75 x 14.17 inches
  • Power consumption – AC 100 V (50/60 Hz), 860W

It is an efficient sugar cut rice cooker that can reduce the starch at least 25 percent. Power consumption is lower than other similar products.  The manufacturer has introduced a unique cooking mechanism to cook rice. They used two pots, one for water injection and drainage mechanism and another is to store water that cooks rice and remove the carbohydrate. The customer review is not bad and that is 3.6 out of 5 and near about 38% customers have given 5 star rating on this product.

Customer Review:

THANKO starch separator rice cooker review

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
  • The power consumption is quite lower than other similar products
  • Also an ideal for multi cooking
  • Control display language is not English
  • A little bit expensive product


Though rice cooker with starch separator is not so popular but this type of rice cooker is very effective to maintain good health. Only a handful of companies have brought this privileged product to market. Among them we have tried with heart and soul to find out the best rice cookers to present you. We hope our efforts are not in vain. It will help you to take right decision to find out the right product from the crowd of hundreds products. And like the five of us, we would say, if you choose Aroma Smart Carb Digital Rice Cooker, definitely that would be the right decision, but the Thanko is not bad. There are lots of satisfied customers with THANKO – (6Go / 900g) LCARBRCK. So you will not be foolish if you choose this one.

Frequently asked questions

What is RDS (Rapidly Digested Starch)?

There are different types of starch. Some starch breaks down into glucose very quickly and mixes with blood, which increase the blood sugar level. We call these types of carbohydrates RDS or Rapidly Digested Starch.

Why should I use starch separator rice cooker?

The main function of starch separator rice cooker is to reduce sugar level in cooked rice. In traditional way we separate the rice water from the boiled cooked rice. Thus we remove the extra starch from the rice.  But in conventional rice cooker there is no way to remove that starch. After cooking all kinds of starch remains in the rice which is harmful to take as it increases the sugar level of blood and causes various diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

How does a Rice Cooker works having starch separator functions?

There is no system to get rid of sugar in conventional rice cooker. It uses single pot to cook, but sugar cut starch separator rice cooker there is an additional pot to keep away the water rice with extra dissolved carbohydrate to perform the drainage mechanism. Thus it removes the extra sugar from the rice that is healthy to take.

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